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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. - Albert Einstein
This committee would provide input to the HOA Board of Directors on behalf of the homeowners on all areas that concern safety.
The HOA Board communicates with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department, the Florida Highway Patrol, and the Pasco County Commissioners our safety concerns. We maintain a list of important numbers to the residents so that they will have access to the different Government Agencies. 

Basic facts about auto theft

One in five stolen vehicles is left unlocked with the keys in the ignition. When leaving your car, close the windows, lock the doors and take your keys with you. Over half of all vehicle thefts occur in residential neighborhoods. If you have a garage, use it! Lock the vehicle and the garage door. If you don't have a garage, lock the car and turn the wheels to the left or right. This makes a thief's job harder. More than two-thirds of total thefts occur after dark. Park in well-lighted areas. If you park in an attended lot or garage, leave only the ignition key with the attendant and do not tell the attendant how long you will be gone. One of every five larcenies involves the theft of motor vehicle accessories. Consider investing in an alarm system rather than expensive options. Professional car thieves can strip your vehicle completely within minutes. Engrave your driver license number in a remote location on the radio and accessories, as well as the fenders and doors. If a theft occurs, your driver license number will make identification recovery and prosecution more likely. The longer it takes to steal a car, the more likely a thief will look elsewhere. Automobile manufacturers regularly improve the anti-theft equipment they install in vehicles. You may want to consider an anti-theft bar that attaches to your steering wheel, an alarm system or other equipment that will slow down a thief and better protect your vehicle.
Remember to always follow some simple vehicle burglary prevention safety tips:
  • ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOORS! More than 66% percent of all Pasco vehicle burglaries involve unlocked car doors!
  • NEVER leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle. Citizens often leave cash, jewelry, cellphones, laptops, purses, wallets, backpacks, GPS systems, cameras, and other valuables in plain sight inside a vehicle. This is too tempting for thieves, and even if your door is locked, they won’t hesitate to break your windows to steal these items.
  • NEVER leave documents that contain personal information in your vehicle, such as bank statements, credit card statements, and other financial statements. These can be used to steal your identity!
  • If you can, park your vehicle(s) in your garage. If this is not an option, keeping the area around your vehicle well-lit can help to prevent an auto burglary.
  • DO NOT leave purchased goods in sight in the vehicle as you continue to shop, especially during the holiday seasons. Lock them out of sight in the trunk or take them home before you continue your shopping.
  • Car burglars know if your vehicle doesn’t have a trunk, such as in an SUV or truck. Don’t think you can hide valuables inside such vehicles. Thieves know where to look!
  • Away from home, park in well-lit areas in a highly visible location. If you see something suspicious, find somewhere else to park.
  • Always report suspicious behavior to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, such as someone looking into parked cars or trying to open several parked car doors.
  • Keep a list of serial numbers of any electronic equipment in your vehicle, such as a car stereo or DVD system. This can assist law enforcement in returning any equipment to you that is stolen.
  • Utilize a car alarm.
If you are a victim of a car burglary, DON’T touch anything, and call 9-1-1 immediately for assistance. For more information about crime prevention, please contact the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Community Relations section at 1-813-994-3845 or visit us at under the Community Service link, on Facebook, or download our new cell phone app.
Burglary Prevention for the Homeowner

• When you leave home, even for a few minutes, make sure that all doors and windows are locked. Make sure
all locks on doors and windows are in working order. Dead bolt door locks are recommended and should, when in the locked position, slide into the door jam a minimum of one inch.

• Keep your garage door closed and locked, whether you are home or not. An open garage provides a burglar with all the tools he will need to break into your home.

• Keep a list and photos or a video of your possessions, including the model and serial number, description and value.

• Observe carefully and report all suspicious persons and vehicles. Be sure to get the correct license numbers of suspect vehicles.

• Report any crime to the Sheriff's Office at once and be willing to testify in court.

• Cooperate with officers investigating an offense in your neighborhood.

• Keep valuable stamp, jewelry and coin collections in a safe deposit box rather than at home.

• Trim your shrubbery around doors and windows so it will not provide a hiding place for burglars or cover a point-of-entry view for police or neighbors.

• Keep all your vehicles locked and do not leave property in your vehicle.

• Do not leave property unattended in your yard, including lawn mowers, garden tools, and bicycles.

• Be cautious of strangers. A burglar rarely looks like a burglar. When in doubt, call the Sheriff's Office.

• When you are out in the yard, lock the doors. Daylight burglaries while people are at home are common.

• Never admit anyone into your home unless you know them. Demand credentials before admitting salesmen or repairmen, particularly if you have not requested their services. refuse to deal with any caller who does not present proper ID and notify the Sheriff's Office immediately.

• Never leave notes on your door informing anyone you are not home. Do not hide your keys outside of your home. Burglars know where to look.

• When you leave town, arrange for someone to mow your yard and pick up your mail and newspapers. If possible, set timers to switch the lights on and off at predetermined times and locations within the house. A residence that presents a lived-in appearance is a deterrent to burglars. Leave information on your whereabouts with a trusted neighbor. Ask them to watch your house.

• Be sure all gates are securely locked.