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Street Parking

Pasco County Street Parking
The Board of County Commissioners may place official signs prohibiting parking upon certain County rights-of-way or other areas under its jurisdiction upon the passage of a resolution which designates the right-of-way or other area where such conduct is prohibited. Any individual, group, or organization holding an event may petition the County, through its County Administrator, for a permit to allow street parking for a specified number of automobiles and a specified amount of time. The permit shall not be for more than four days in any one calendar year and the street parking permit shall not be granted for the purpose of providing parking for a non permitted use in a residential district. Each petition shall be reviewed for compliance with traffic safety standards and traffic circulation control as well as for compliance with all County ordinances. The Board has established a nonrefundable permit fee of $20.00.
  • Parking is restricted to one side of the street only and no driveways, roadways, or roadway intersections will be blocked.
  • Parking of any vehicle shall not be in violation of Florida State Statute 316.1945, Stopping or Standing Outside of Municipalities, and Sections 106.32, 106.33, and 106.34 of the Pasco County Code (attached).
  • Parking in any restricted area may be subject to enforcement procedures and will cause automatic revoking of the On-Street Parking Permit. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that parking is maintained in accordance with the above requirements.